To sign up to beta test new versions of Newsify through TestFlight, submit your information using the form below. Once your information is processed and a new version of Newsify is available to test, you'll receive an email invitation from TestFlight.

How to install beta versions

Install the TestFlight app first, which can be downloaded for free from the App Store. Then, on your device, tap the "Open in TestFlight" link in the invitation email. It should open the TestFlight app with the new version of Newsify.

Gmail/Chrome users: Opening the link in browsers other than Safari may not work. If you have problems, try opening the link using the built-in Mail app or copying and pasting the link in Safari.

Beta feedback

To give feedback for beta versions, use the Send Feedback button in the TestFlight app. Tap Newsify in the list of apps to find the button.